Flash / Activate Sprint iPhone 4 w/ Bad ESN to Page Plus, 100% Works w/ Talk Text WEB MMS DATA

www.ebay.com -In Stock Pre-Flashed iPhone Sales www.ebay.com -Flash Service Only www.ebay.com -In Stock Pre-Flashed iPhone Sales You can buy the phone that is pre-Flashed to Page Plus. Or purchase the flash service for your own iPhone. Activation inccluded – Check out my eBay listing above. We Also Activate iPhone 4S with Bad ESN or Past Due Balance: www.ebay.com Any question, please ask me via my eBay auction. Note: This is the solution WITHOUT "DFS – CDMA Tools". This flashing method only required the iPhone to be jailbroken. The process DOES NOT touch the baseband of your iPhone. Therefore, it can be apply to any CDMA iPhone that can be jailborken (so far up to IOS 5.1.1). The iPhones baseband version DOES NOT matter. All the processes (such as jailbreaking, and flashing to new carrier) are revertible.

23 Responses to “Flash / Activate Sprint iPhone 4 w/ Bad ESN to Page Plus, 100% Works w/ Talk Text WEB MMS DATA”

  1. thatphillyboi20 says:

    how can i send in my phone?

  2. MrVolcomboy22 says:

    Ok well when I get paid I will definitely be sending you my iPhone to have this problem fixed and so I could hopefully actually? be using it as a phone.

  3. Ruifang Liu says:

    yes, the phone? will be jailbroken, and i can do all those for you. and yes, you need to send-in the phone. i know many ppl will concern about sending their phone in, that is why i uses ebay and paypal, because they are buyer protected.

    check the description for the flash service.

  4. MrVolcomboy22 says:

    whats faster h20 or pageplus? and mine has? a sprint bad esn so would you have a good chance of being able to activate it for me?

  5. MrVolcomboy22 says:

    in order? to flash it does the iphone have to be jailbroken? and how do you get this to work? do we have to send you our iphone?

  6. Ruifang Liu says:

    this is exactly what you need. check out the? ebay listing.

  7. Dakidghettofabs says:

    i got a iphone 4 for? sprint that i bought it has a bad esn is this still possible to get on this phone?

  8. bigmoe263 says:

    I had my New Sprint Iphone 4 shipped to this man for Flashing- I am more than satisfied with the job he did- Great Job, and I? highly recommend him! This is the Feedback that I left for him on Ebay: …This Guy’s the REAL-DEAL-got my Sprint-Iphone4 on Verizon’s PagePlus-Fast Too!! Buyer: mmol3263 ( 38) Jun-21-12 17:57
    Follow-up by mmol3263 (Jun-21-12 18:08):
    Honest Seller!! I sent in my New Iphone4 to Flash-Got it back in a exactly week!

  9. Mike Gianfrancesco says:

    i ow sprint? money because of theer bad service

  10. Mike Gianfrancesco says:

    Hi just want 2 know if you want 2 buy my iphone 4 bad esn trying? to sell it for 200 plus shipping

  11. Ruifang Liu says:

    We have a solution for any iphone 4S, including verizon. Please take a close look at the info in the video description above.?

  12. Rashonlogan01 says:

    Great work?

  13. y4nd3l69 says:

    does it work with verizon iphone? 4s with bad esn? please answer

  14. suatdog1 says:

    you can but on metro pcs not on page plus?

  15. suatdog1 says:

    yes you can you can used any? plan

  16. MizoreMokaKumuruR2V says:

    hello i have a question when you flash the iPhone do you have to pick a plan with data or can it be any plan on page plus like their "the 12" plan which is 250 of both text and calling minutes? i ask because i want to use my iPhone on that plan since i don’t call/tex alot but do check email/browse the? web but I’m always near wifi thats why i don’t need data.

  17. wrivera1241 says:

    can you still flash? even though its bad esn?

  18. Ruifang Liu says:

    I have my ebay links in the description, please check. you can message me via ebay if you have? more question.

    thanks for the interest!

  19. Dangles13x says:

    @Rulfang Llu
    do you sell any iphones because i have page plus and i cannot find a good one new/used for a low? price. If you do or have any ideas where i can get one please message me back as soon as possible. thank you

  20. tonyipodworld says:

    i can buy your mistakenly purchased iphone 4s for $300, local L.a? area 5623535698

  21. Mike Gianfrancesco says:

    how would i? do this

  22. datbxdominicuban says:

    Bro I need my phone flash..I see your located new York, I live in new York so I’ll go to you..email me at jpena718@me.com I went to your discription on eBay and I couldn’t? send u a MSG

  23. raf60000 says:

    I know you havent mentioned it in the video. But any way to do it to Metro PCS?? I believe its a s? imilar process. If yes then I am definitely buying!!

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