Flashing, Upgrading, Downgrading, Unbricking the Xperia X10 (FlashTool 0.2.9, 0.2.8)

UPDATE: 2011 November: WARNING: DO NOT downgrade from v2.3.4 back to v2.3.3, v2.3.2, or v1.6 or you may experience the 0% battery issue. XDA threads with help regarding the 0% battery issue: forum.xda-developers.com forum.xda-developers.com UPDATE: 2011 July: v2.3 Gingerbread has been released. The firmware file is in the Flash Tool website, as always. This video shows how to use the Graphical Flash Tool (v0.2.8, v0.2.9.1 beta) to flash the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. This video demonstrates downgrading to a carrier-branded AT&T firmware (v1.6) then upgrading to a generic (unmodified, all features intact) v2.1 firmware. It then purposely bricksmesses up a flash to show the phone brokennoot booting and finally, flashing it again to restore it to working condition. The tool can flash v1.6 firmwares, v2.1 firmwares, different basebands, dual touch drivers and other modifications. It can also be used to "un-brick" an X10 if anything goes wrong. eg boot loop, stuck at the Sony Ericsson logo, small screen, etc. caused by tweakingmodifyingrootingetc. FlashTool website: forum.xda-developers.com You CANNOT brickruinbreak the X10. It will ALWAYS go into flash mode (from off, hold the back button, connect the USB cable). You can flash ANY firmware onto ANY X10 — even AT&T (so stop asking if itll work on your X10). Your phone does not have to unlocked, rooted or anything else. Flash mode overrides everything and is before any software is loaded. Flashing does NOT re-lock a SIM <b>…<b>

24 Responses to “Flashing, Upgrading, Downgrading, Unbricking the Xperia X10 (FlashTool 0.2.9, 0.2.8)”

  1. BluechipJ says:

    Mirror is in? the description. "AndroidStuff"

  2. simplyem2003 says:

    where? do you get firmwares please

  3. Kalax03 says:

    I flashed my X10 because it is bricked of just faulty. I flashed it, i press the power button and it only vibrates short and nothing is coming, just a green led, but that’s normal..

    I think it? is just faulty, months after it bricked, I couldn’t call and it shuts itself down within minutes. Faulty phone here?

  4. vlad2k9 says:

    can someone please send me? the firware 3.0.1 or 1.6 asap please ?

  5. vlad2k9 says:

    can someone please send me the firware 3.0.1 or 1.6 asap please ??

  6. BluechipJ says:

    This phone? will always go into flash mode.
    Use Update Service.

  7. armarra says:

    my phone keeps restarting up to the green logo, goes to purple logo then restarts.
    It also wount stay in flash. I think you are incorrectly saying this phone cannot be bricked as sony ericsson site recognises a phone is connected and even prompted me to select my phone and after downloasding the software…it declared it has no software for my phone.

    I? think I mucked up the baseband when prompted during an update from 2.1 to 2.3

  8. ymcmbmember says:

    thanx mahn !
    your the best? I LOVE YOU !

  9. leninmagic says:

    Hello. I have a problem. I cant flash anything on my phone (xperia x10) using flash tool. The problem is that when the instructions pop up (the one with the illustrated step by step procedures on how? to get to flash boot) come up, my phone automatically flashes the green led without me having to press and hold back. In turn, the files wont flash properly.

    Please help me with this problem.

  10. brando macaspac says:

    HI BluechipJ do you have tutorials on how to sim unlock? xperia x10(docomo) ?

  11. acasmc says:

    actually, i cannot connect phone to pc, since contacts from USB are ripped from the board. so there is no way? of establishing connection. i dont have cwm or xrecovery. phone is stuck at SE logo. :( i guess mainboard need to be changed, cause that is only solution. bad luck. :(

  12. BluechipJ says:

    Only if you have a recovery like CWM or xRecovery installed. If the port charges, there shouldn’t be an issue establishing a? data connection. Install BOTH Sony applications on the computer.

  13. acasmc says:

    is there any way to restore phone, if USB connector is broken? i mean physicaliy broken, and USB can only charge phone, but PC wont recognise it?
    some keys combination,? or anything to restore from SD card? :(

  14. TheGRatedGamer says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!?

  15. SkepzR says:

    I could kiss you, Just? fixed my mums phone that I borrowed and promised I wouldn’t break haha. Good video man !

  16. TehGamersDoMinecraft says:

    I Could Kiss You <3 , you fixed my phone.?

  17. crazyrici says:

    hello,i have some problem with mine x 10… now i have android 2.3.3 version but when? i connect the usb on the pc write usb not recognized,and i can’t do anything on it…when i try to flash it is the same thing,somebody help meeeeee

  18. TheJingjork says:

    well thanks, well done? :)

  19. BluechipJ says:

    Go back into xRecovery and restore? it. You did make a complete backup, didn’t you?

    FlashTool. Flash it from scratch.
    Update Server. Flash it to repair.
    Wotan Server. Flash it to repair.

  20. TheJingjork says:

    My Xperia X10 stuck? on Sony Ericsson logo after installing ICS ROM on it by xRecoery. Any suggestion?

  21. BluechipJ says:

    You can? only flash official Sony Ericsson phones with the FlashTool (.FTF files).

    All other custom ROMs, themes, fonts, etc. are installed through xRecovery.

  22. Ornitottero says:

    Oh, that’s fascinating. So all I have to do is? download any ROM I like and press the big "flash" button!
    Thanks for making it clear!
    By the way I’m really sure you’re right about the "no way to mess up X10" since my first try in getting the regular update resulted in a bricked phone and with the update service, as you said, I got it working in no time :)

  23. Ornitottero says:

    Hey! Thanks for the video guide, it’s very easily understandable and I think I’ll give it a try as soon as I learn some more things about the flashing world…
    I have one question, though:
    You never talked about the bootloader unlocking and – for how I understood the whole thing – it should be necessary in order to install new roms. So the question is: what did I get? wrong? Do I really need to unlock the bootloader to flash – for example – Lion’s pride ROM?

  24. BluechipJ says:

    There are any number of reasons. Run Update? Service to repair it.

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