Twisting tool.VOB

How to twist flat steel bar using simple tools. To further personalise your ironwork.

23 Responses to “Twisting tool.VOB”

  1. alfaro2552 says:

    original? muy artesanal felicidades

  2. khishig100 says:

    ??????? ???, ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? ???????????

  3. Macinma says:

    great! how can i do? this tools, do instructions exist?

  4. sirvaldo54 says:

    Thanks? for that

  5. aymercegarramarrufo says:


  6. Artillerow says:

    nice very? nice

  7. MrSaporuco says:

    genial Dave come visit us to baja? any time !!

  8. Tepulevengador says:

    es? agradable encontrar gente desinteresada y muy hábil, es todo un maestro gracias , por compartir ,ahí radica el buen maestro saludos desde México,,,

  9. Tepulevengador says:

    es agradable encontrar gente desinteresada y? muy hábil, es todo un maestro gracias , por compartir ,ahí radica el buen maestro saludos desde mexico

  10. welderrful says:

    look"" martinez ? welder "" very good
    mira el video ""martinez welder"" es mejor

  11. niqueisdeadnow says:

    can u pls show the pattern? from where those jigs from

  12. Metalunique says:

    Wow Dave, tool companies must hate you! You just saved? me a s@#t load of mula!!

  13. 2ndote says:

    awesome video !! thank you? so much

  14. 666777ricardo says:

    eres grande? muy buenas plantillas lo hago con tubos salgados ala mesa

  15. shamieoo says:

    Thank you Dave?

  16. avillao76 says:


  17. 01chejo says:

    exelentes videos ? sigue subiendo videos no te imaginas cuanto le sirve a muccha gente ENSEÑANOS MAS CON MAS INTERESANTES VIDEOS GRACIAS

  18. HALLTOM says:

    Glad to know that you don’t need to purchase expensive? tools to do such work. Thanks

  19. DaveAI says:

    Hi HISandman, type in wrought iron jig set theres lots on the net,look for? a company called Aldridge ironcraft thanks dave.

  20. HISandman says:

    Dave where? did you get the jigs? or did you make your own?
    I tried to look them up on the net but came up with a million things that look nothing like yours.

  21. dmacosta1 says:

    Great? demo

  22. DaveAI says:

    Thanks for the comment, I just want to show you don’t buy expensive tools to bend steel, thanks? dave.

  23. Cytacon says:

    Great? demo, thanks.

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